Napa Valley Red Wine Vinegar. 
4.9% acidity. 
A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

CARNEROS OLIVE OIL CO. A blend of traditional and modern California Spanish varietal olives. Harvested in late fall, the robust flavors are green and grassy with soft, ripe and fruity aromas.

EVERY DAY EVOO This oil is a blend of certified Napa Valley Italian, Spanish and Greek verities. Very fruity aroma with a medium robust flavor.

CALIFORNIA KORONEIKI. The Koroneiki olive is the predominant olive used for olive oil in Greece. Our California Koroneiki is an intense oil with luscious green color and flavors like almost ripe bananas and other tropical fruit.

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OLIODESSA. A blend of California Italian varietal olives. With aromas of green almonds and fresh olive fruitiness, bolder palates will enjoy the classic Tuscan peppery finish.

Co-milled Flavored Olive Oils


World of Hurt. Global chilies, 

A blend of Bears lime and Jalapeno oils

Bearss Lime Olive Oil. The bears Lime, also known as Persian Lime “Leemoo” in Persian or Tahiti Lime are related to the standard lime but with a uniquely fragrant, spicy aroma. We love it on grilled prawns or over coconut ice cream.

Blood Orange Oil. Moro Blood Oranges crushed with ripe olives make this classic useful in sweet and savory recipes. Replace the butter in brownies with this oil for a unique flavor and extra gooeyness.

We co-mill California Meyer lemons and just picked olives to produce this prized oil.

This Tangelo is a cross between the Duncan Grapefruit and the Darcy Tangerine. Co-milled with Tuscan variety olives.

Gift Sets

Our gift set includes 250ml bottles of our Every Day EVOO and our Napa Valley Red Wine Vinegar. Priced at $25.