Marvin Martin Olive Oils

“The mystique of olive trees and making olive oil through the history of mankind has always fascinated me.I could never escape it, and certainly can’t imagine life without it.”
Marvin Martin, Napa Valley
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Founded in 2000 by Napa Valley chef and leading olive consultant Marvin Martin, began by producing a single extra virgin olive oil called OliOdessa. Named for the family matriarch Odessa Sarah Martin, OliOdessa – which means mother oil – quickly established itself as a hallmark for artisanal California extra virgin olive oil. The success of OliOdessa EVOO provided Marvin with further inspiration to develop and produce more of what have become some of the most highly-awarded olive oils in North America.

Today, Marvin Martin farms well over 10,000 olive trees of 25 different olive varietals. In addition to the numerous award-winning olive oils he meticulously develops for his clients, Marvin produces 4 EVOOs and 5 blended olive oils for his own artisanal Marvin Martin Olive Oils label.

Marvin Martin Olive Oils : Artisanal Product

Marvin Martin Olive Oils are made from olive varietals grown in orchards from Calistoga to Carneros in Napa Valley, and Solono County. The olives are hand-harvested and pressed within hours of harvest to provide the best expression of the prized orchards where they are grown.

Our extra virgin olive oils include: CALIFORNIA KORONEIKI; CARNEROS OLIVE OIL CO.; OLIODESSA; TEMPLAR NAPA VALLEY. Our co-milled olive oils include: Minneola Tangelo oil; Bearss Lime oil; Jalapeno oil; Lime-Jalapenos oil; Eureka Lemon; and World of Hurt, a hot chile oil

Marvin Martin Olive Oils